Yankees star Juan Soto leaves game due to pain in left forearm, scheduled for imaging on Friday

The New York Yankees’ Juan Soto was pulled from Thursday night’s game against the Minnesota Twins due to left forearm discomfort. He will undergo imaging the next day to determine the extent of his injury. Manager Aaron Boone stated that it is too early to say if Soto will have to miss any games as a result of this issue.

Soto said that he had been dealing with tightness and discomfort in his forearm for about 1 1/2 or two weeks, but it didn’t affect his throwing or hitting abilities. However, it caused him difficulties when making certain arm movements, which prompted his removal from the game after a rain delay. Despite this, Soto continued to play through the pain as he started all 64 games in his first season with the Yankees since being acquired from the San Diego Padres.

During the game, Soto was replaced by Aaron Judge in right field, and Alex Verdugo came off the bench to play left. Dr. Christopher Ahmad, the team’s physician, checked on Soto during the rain delay. He confirmed that he had never experienced anything like this with his forearm before. All-Star slugger Soto is batting .318 with 17 home runs and 53 RBIs this season and has been a significant contributor to the team’s success as they currently hold the best record in baseball at 45-19.

The Yankees are hopeful that Soto’s discomfort isn’t serious and that he will recover quickly. Pitcher Marcus Stroman expressed concern for his teammate and sent positive energy towards Soto’s recovery. The team will wait for the results of imaging to determine what their next steps should be for Soto and whether he will be able to play again soon.

In conclusion, Juan Soto suffered an injury while playing against Minnesota Twins on Thursday night due to left forearm discomfort. While he had been playing through it earlier, it affected him during certain arm movements which led to his removal from the game after a rain delay. The team hopes that it won’t be too serious and that their star player can recover soon so they can continue performing at their best level on field.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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